Managing a Crisis

by Admin 11st February 2016 06:56

PR Agency One is an award winning PR agency, working for a range of clients each with very differing needs.  "Understanding the importance of managing a crisis is crucial for our agency".  Head James Crawford knows the importance of managing a crisis on behalf of clients.  "In today's 24 hour news and social media driven world speed is of the essence".

"When we looked for a research firm to conduct research to support our clients,  we didn’t want one that ran to a fixed schedule at specific times and took days to report back the findings.   Usurv has been incredibly flexible, always on and has enabled our agency to run surveys amongst different respondent groups, with different sample sizes and get back findings at any time and on any day of the week”.

During a crisis it is crucial to get consumer feedback regularly on an issue when it arises in as near to real time as possible.  Social Media helps with listening in to conversations, but sometimes questions are needed to supplement what is heard during these conversations.  Surveys can be set up in minutes with results rolling in almost immediately on Usurv and findings from projects are available instantly online via your own client dashboard with all the tools built in for sophisticated analysis.

Interesting Findings

by Guy Potter 27th March 2015 10:05

Periodically we publish findings from surveys that we have completed on behalf of ourselves or on behalf of clients.  Subject to the necessary permissions we share them with our readers.  Full results to a number of surveys conducted on behalf of the PA are published below:


Clarkson's replacement

Cameron's replacement

Champion's League

EU Referendum Vote

Jeremy Clarkson

Nato / Aid

Under 30's voting issues

Soccer Videos



Keeping your receipts

Valentine Day's Survey

Greatest Sportsperson

Greatest Player in the Premier League

Three Parent Baby


Online Reporting

by Guy Potter 26th February 2015 09:34

Usurv has been used for a variety of purposes to gather data for numerous reasons.  Below are some recent instances where Usurv has been used for:



Public Votes


In all cases respondents were sampled to reflect the UK population in terms of gender and region.  Results were also supplied with age and income data and instantly available via our online reporting dashboard.

Location Reporting

by Admin 15th September 2014 07:12

The second most requested change has been the ability to analyse results by respondent location.  This option is now available in real time for surveys with a sample size greater than 200.

Location reporting has been added to our online reporting tool and results are broken down by region; The South, London, Midland / Wales, The North and Scotland / Northern Ireland.  It is automatically available for every survey (larger than 200) and there is no need to ask additional questions.


There is also no additional charge for the location reporting, so if you wish to see regional differences across the UK simply scroll to the end of the online report.  This feature allows for an instant read on whether Southerners are different to Northerners or whether Londoners hold a unique view of the world.

More Questions

by Admin 12nd August 2014 07:10

We have had many requests asking us for the ability to ask more than five questions.  We have now lifted this micro survey limit and surveys of up to 30 questions are now a reality.  However, should you still need micro surveys these are still available.


Using the same survey wizard simply add more questions.  More than five questions may take a little longer, but if you have the time this is now possible. Longer surveys with substantial sample sizes (i.e. 1,000) will be completed in approximately 24 hours with instant online reporting available the moment the first respondent has answered your survey.  Whatever the length of your survey there is now no need to go elsewhere to have it completed.