For years market research has been founded on asking long and lengthy questionnaires; 40, 50 or even 60 questions on a single questionnaires is not uncommon.  At Usurv because we approach potential participants within their current digital footprints and we do not want to intrude, we limit all interactions to five questions.  This has led some some people to ask the question, what can be achieved with five questions?

To answer this we gave a market researcher, some free credits and the challenge to test Usurv to see what could be achieved with a little bit of creativity.  To spice up the challenge, we asked them to set up the survey, conduct the fieldwork, download the data and produce us a report based on what they found as if they were working for a client, and because we can, we posed as Apple and asked them to tell us about the state of the mobile phone market in the UK. 

Here is what they found Mobile Snapshot.pdf (2.00 mb)  We think you will agree, it is pretty amazing what can be achieved with five questions with all the questions answered by 2,000 participants within 3 hours.  

This was done, whilst we were still developing the reporting element of Usurv. Now, the reporting interface is finished, you can do any survey without the need to ask a market researcher to analyse your data.  Please see the online charts for the same survey below:




Usurv interviewed 2,000 respondents on 14th March 2011

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by Admin 1st March 2011 09:29

Welcome to the Usurv blog.  Over the coming months we will be posting information about a radical new approach to collecting feedback from the general public, customers or specific demographic groups.  Usurv has been designed to completely simplify the whole feedback process.