Iceland Ad

by Admin 29th May 2011 12:35

On May 15th, Iceland and their ad agency Beta, launched their summer campaign featuring last year's winner of "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" and X Factor contestant Stacey Soloman.

Usurv asked 1,000 people whether they had seen the ad and what they associated with Iceland. Some of the results are available below. Watch the ad and let us know if you agree with what we found.


Usurv interviewed 1,000 respondents between 19th and 28th May 2011

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Changes to Usurv

by Admin 27th May 2011 10:38

You may have noticed two new developments to the Usurv interface.

You asked to filter out potential participants based on their answer to the first question in a survey.   So if your questionnaire starts with a screening question and you only want participants who answered a certain way to proceed, we changed that.  To learn more see our training video.

The second major development that you asked for was a change in the reporting interface.We have implemented a new reporting system, still easy to use, still immediate, but incorporating all the changes you requested.  Again you can learn more in our training video.