Fishing the river

by Admin 11st June 2012 12:00

Usurv uses a recruitment technique called River Sampling.  An accepted definition of river sampling is an online sampling method that recruits respondents by way of a survey invitation while he/she is engaged in some other online activity, i.e. visiting a website, hence "fishing the river".

Usurv’s River Sampling 2.0 differs from standard river sampling in a number of crucial respects.

Unlike river sampling which entices potential respondents away from a site, River 2.0 gets potential participants to complete short surveys (one to five question) which are embedded in the site itself and come with a motivating message “please answer our survey and we will donate x to our charity of the month”, or “help us to keep our content free by answering the questions below”.

Enabling potential participants to answer questions within their current digital footprint results in a crucial advantage, completion rates are extremely high (30%) and therefore self-selection bias is minimised. Questions are answered there and then with minimal disruption to an internet users’ online activity. This is important since there is evidence that the representativeness of a participating group decreases exponentially when non-response levels increase. (Leeflang and Olivier, 1980).