Organ Donation

by Admin 19th September 2012 15:51


Kidney Research UK has raised serious concerns about public attitudes towards organ donation, after a survey by Usurv revealed the majority of people in the UK are prepared to receive an organ but not donate one.

Results from the survey, sampling 500 people, indicate that while 87 per cent of people in the UK would accept a transplant if told they needed one, only one in three are actually on the organ donor register.

A third question on the survey focused on people’s views around introducing a system of presumed consent for organ donation, where individuals would have to opt-out of becoming organ donors, rather than signing the register.

When asked whether they would support the introduction of an opt-out approach to organ donation in England, more than half of those polled (54 per cent) said yes, while only 18 per cent said no and 27 per cent were not sure.



More than half of Brits in favour of legalising "Three-parent baby" treatment.

But 30% don’t feel they know enough to express an opinion about the currently forbidden technique.

More than half of all Brits support legalising “Three Parent Babies” according to research conducted today by Usurv, following the government’s decision to launch a public consultation to discuss the ethics of using DNA from three people to create one baby.

We asked 1000 people in the UK whether families with a genetic risk of incurable conditions like muscular dystrophy should be allowed to use the DNA of a third party to genetically modify a human egg or embryo to create healthy children.

Almost 52 per cent of people thought it should be legalised, while 18 per cent of people thought it should not be legalised. 30 per cent did not feel well informed enough to make a decision, perhaps suggesting that the government consultation will need to be as much a process of education as consultation.

These findings support an older survey of 800 people conducted by the Progress Educational Trust which found that two thirds of people supported the use of the technique while a third opposed it.

Film Correlations - Dredd

by Admin 6th September 2012 09:56

For almost six months we have been collating data and making predictions on which films will take the most on the opening box office weekend.


Correlating data collected on Usurv with the record of takings as published on the UK Film Council website, our correlation stands at .79 for predicting the opening box office with a single question. This increases substantially if more questions are thrown into the mix.


Currently we are experimenting with different combinations of questions, but for this weekend we predict Dredd will take the most. Actual takings will be published on the UK Film Council website in a couple of weeks.


Check back to see how accurate our predictions were.