Liberal Democrats housing policy

by Admin 30th January 2013 06:58


The Liberal Democrat plan to build 100,000 more homes a year which will create 500,000 more jobs got further got support across the political divide..

In the survey conducted on 27th January amongst 1,000 respondents, 85% of supported the plan.  There were differences across the political divide, but the majority of people, regardless of how they voted in the last election support the Liberal Democrat plans:

94% of Liberal Democrat voters, 88% of Labour voters, 79% of Conservative voter supported the plans.

Support for the Liberal Democrat plans correlated with affluence, the less affluent the respondents, the greater the level of response for the plan.

By contrast (in a much smaller survey of 100 people) conducted on 28th January the Y Rail plans were supported by a less convincing majority – 67%, though this is perhaps not surprising given that everyone needs a place to live, but not everyone needs to travel to Manchester or Leeds”.


Research was conducted on 27th January amongst 1,000 respondents using Usurv’s real time polling approach.  Full results available here.

Could Adam Afriyie be Prime Minister?

by Admin 30th January 2013 06:30

Rumours circulated regarding Adam Afriye's potential challenge to David Cameron should the Conservatives not win the next general election.  Though we follow politics reasonably closely this was not one of the challengers we expected.  For one thing, Adam is not that widely known outside political circles, or so we thought.


To find out we conducted as simple survey, the full answers are available here.  However, in brief, only 17% of conservative voters had heard of him.   That has no doubt increased now.

X Factor

by Admin 16th January 2013 05:16

Two years have passed since Usurv was conceieved as a result of the success of predictin Matt Cardell's share of the vote in the X Factor final 2010.

Annually we repeat the same exercise prior to the final vote.  This year the final was hotly contested by James, Jahmeme and Christopher.  

On Friday 7th December we asked 1,000 people who they thought was going to win.  The results compared to the actual voting percentages are detailed below:



The results were as usual pretty spot on.

For full results click here.