Testing your designs with Usurv

by Admin 13rd August 2013 04:59
The logo is the cornerstone of every brand, so ensuring that you’ve created one that appeals to consumers is vital, particularly for new businesses. With a decision that is this important, relying on gut feel simply isn’t good enough.
Designer Kathryn Coulter therefore now tests all her logo designs for clients through Usurv, delivering fast, cost effective consumer feedback to enable a final choice to be made.
“Selecting a logo for a new business is a major commitment and can be a significant factor in whether the company succeeds or fails,” said Kathryn. “While it is relatively easy to work with a client and whittle ideas down to a shortlist, you need to know which will really resonate with potential customers. Usurv is perfect – I can get vital third party feedback from consumers in minutes, providing real evidence on which logo design has greatest appeal. Usurv’s ease of use, cost effective pricing and fast results mean I’ve made it an integral part of the creation process for every logo and brand I work on.”
Crowdtest.it, a social network for asking and answering questions, worked with designer Kathryn Coulter and tested a number of logos using Usurv’s rapid research approach.  Once the logos were online, feedback took minutes with a preferred option emerging within a matter of hours.  
“Thanks to Usurv the feedback was both fast and clear, with one logo really seen to communicate our strategy and key messages,” said Marcus Hamilton, managing director Crowdtest.it. “Within an hour of submitting the survey we were able to see what the clear preference from the crowd was. Usurv was used as an alternative to the more costly, involved and time consuming process used historically by market research agencies and really assisted us in making a difficult decision easy and quick.”