Economic Downgrade

by Admin 9th August 2011 11:00

This summer's big economic news was without a doubt the downgrading of the US's AAA rating by Standard & Poors. 



Ramifications were felt across the world financial markets.  To find out how we felt this might impact us here in the UK we asked one simple question.

 Following the downgrading of the US ecomony from AAA, how confident are you about your financial future?

The headline figure is that 53% of us here in the UK are now less confident about our own financial future as a result of the US downgrade.

However, this masks a major difference along gender lines - 40% of males and 50% of females are less confident.  Only time will tell who is right.



Usurv interviewed 300 respondents on 8th August 2011

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More Hacking?

by Admin 26th July 2011 11:21

Amid further claims that phone hacking was endemic at the Mirror and following an internal review of controls and procedures there, we wanted to gauge what people thought had actually happened.  Which did they believe?

  •  Phone hacking was only practised by the News of the World
  • All tabloids were probably phone hacking 

The answers perhaps come as no surprise, the vast majority 88% believe that "all tabloids were probably phone hacking",  with both men and women answering the question in equal proportions.
What was a greater surprise was the difference in how younger and older people answered the question.

One in every five, under 40 year olds, believe that the phone hacking scandal is limited to the News of the World.  This compares to one in twenty, over 40 year olds, sharing the same belief.  Whether this is  youthful trust or old age sceptisim remains to be seen, only time and the phone hacking inquiry can answer that.


Usurv interviewed 200 respondents on 26th July 2011

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Monthly Most Trusted - Banks

by Admin 13rd July 2011 16:34

Asking the public which bank they are most likely to trust was always going to come up with one predictable result - RBS - the UK's least trustworthy bank (out of the main five), but we could have guessed that without asking the question.

Include HSBC, Santander, Lloyds TSB, Nat West, Barclays, and The Halifax in the question and the results are not so predictable.

Apart from RBS, predictably at the bottom (First Direct and Alliance & Leicester had few votes on account of their size), it was a remarkably close call......Lloyds TSB was the UK's most trusted bank with 12% giving it this accolade. 

This was particularly bouyed by the 60-69 year old age group who clearly harbouring a fond nostalgia for the Black Horse gave Lloyds TSB 21% of the vote. The remainder of the banks all followed closely behind in one large group, varying only slightly.  Interestingly though, there wasn't really a bank that stood out from the rest.

Add an "I don't trust any of them option" and it gets a little gloomy.  34% of the general public "don't trust any of the banks", with men being far less likely to trust banks than women. 

And who trusts of the banks most?  It's the 18-29 and 60-69 year olds, arguably the two groups likely to be hit the hardest as a result of the current banking crisis.



Usurv interviewed 1,000 respondents on 13th July 2011

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Monthly Most Trusted

by Admin 12nd July 2011 12:14

Trust is being eroded everywhere, faster than we could ever to imagine.

  • MP's can't be trusted to get their expenses right.   
  • A Member of the House of Lords is sent to prison for fiddling his expenses.   
  • Royal Protection Officers are accused of selling the contact details of the Royal family.   
  • The phone hacking scandal has led to the closure of the News of The World.
  • Police are asked if they have accepted money from journalists.

MP's, The Police, A Member of the House of Lords, Royal Protection Officers - the UK's most trusted - not any more.  Who can we trust?

This is a question that a lot of people are curious to know the answer to, so we have decided to establish a "Monthly Most Trusted" survey to identify which company / brand / service is the UK's most trusted. This month the UK's monthly most trusted kicks off with the question....

Which of the following banks do you trust most? 

Leave a comment below if you have suggestions for next month's question and please return if you would like to see who is the UK's most trusted bank.

Phone Hacking

by Admin 6th July 2011 06:09

The story about the News of the World and the alleged phone hacking scandal is growing to epic proportions.  Today Nick Clegg commented using the word "grotesque", yesterday David Cameron said much the same.  Whether it will rock News International and score some high profile resignations is still to be seen, though the first major ramification is Ford pulling their advertising.  No one else has followed yet, but others may.

So far, no one appears to have asked the people what they think.  Is this a drama about journalists, written by journalists, or do the general public agree with Ford?

There is only one way to find out - ask.  At 8:58 we asked and at 9:40 we had our answer.  62% of people thought that advertisers were right to pull out advertising from the News of the World.

If the scandal continues or grows still further, the News of the World may find itself with more problems than a few high profile resignations.   

Usurv interviewed 500 respondents on 6th July 2011

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