Film Correlations - Dredd

by Admin 6th September 2012 09:56

For almost six months we have been collating data and making predictions on which films will take the most on the opening box office weekend.


Correlating data collected on Usurv with the record of takings as published on the UK Film Council website, our correlation stands at .79 for predicting the opening box office with a single question. This increases substantially if more questions are thrown into the mix.


Currently we are experimenting with different combinations of questions, but for this weekend we predict Dredd will take the most. Actual takings will be published on the UK Film Council website in a couple of weeks.


Check back to see how accurate our predictions were.




63% of UK adults said The Sun was wrong to publish naked pictures of Prince Harry because it infringed his privacy, according to a nationwide poll of 1,000 people conducted today by Usurv.


Just 21% felt publishing the photos was in the public interest, despite warnings from the Royal Family’s lawyers that it was an intrusion into the Prince’s private life. The two photos show Harry and a naked woman apparently playing strip billiards in a Las Vegas hotel suite. Many more women (71%) thought it infringed his privacy – compared to just 58% of men.


But with the pictures already being available on the internet, 14% of those surveyed had already seen the images, rising to 17% of women. Nearly half (48%) said they had no interest in seeing them – on or offline.


The research was conducted by rapid online polling company, Usurv, following The Sun’s publication of the pictures this morning. The Press Complaints Commission (PCC) said it has already received over 60 complaints about the images from members of the public. 


The publication of the pictures has highlighted the topic of press freedom and privacy, following the recent Leveson Inquiry into press ethics. Media commentators have seen the questions about press ethics raised at the inquiry as a key reason that no other British newspapers have published the naked pictures of Prince Harry.


Participants were asked:


Had you already seen the naked photos of Prince Harry on the internet before The Sun published them this morning?

Yes: 14%
No: 37%
Not interested in seeing them online or in print: 48%

Do you think The Sun was right to print the pictures?

No, it infringes his privacy: 63%
Yes, it is in the public interest and they are available on the internet anyway: 21%
Don't know: 16%


The findings are based on an online survey of 1,000 UK adults on 24th August 2012.


Recently there have been big debates on how much compulsory PE primary school kids should get a week. Boris Johnson entered the fray saying every child should do two hours of sport a day. 

Our survey suggested the public’s opinion was perhaps more realistic with the majority (61%) thinking less than 4 hours per week was appropriate.  

It’s interesting to see that gender plays a role in people’s opinions as males believe children should have more PE per week than woman.  Income is another factor in people’s decision making as the results showed that those earning more believe that children should have more compulsory PE. 

As there are such vast differences in people’s opinions on this matter the question arises of who should decide, parents, teachers, politicians or health experts?

To find out more click on the link.


Like many across the country we’ve spent the last two weeks enthralled by the Olympics. But has it inspired the nation to take up more sport and do people believe it’s money well spent? To find out, we used Usurv to carry out a nationwide poll, capturing how people felt just before the closing weekend. We surveyed 1,000 people, getting a reaction to a whole series of questions about the Games.


Most people (just) felt happier, with 51% of Britons saying their mood has been lifted by the Olympics. One in five are inspired both to play more support themselves and to encourage their children. However on the downside only 36% felt it was money well spent –  Londoners are most concerned about the money, with only a quarter believing it was a good investment. Scots were least enthused with just 45% feeling happier due to the Games, against 54% of Londoners.


Over half (52%) said London 2012 made them proud to live in Great Britain and a similar figure (51%) felt it would have a lasting effect, making the country more successful in sport in the future.


There’s plenty more in our survey – to take a look at the full results visit click here.

Open Ended Questions

by Admin 3rd August 2012 08:20

Many users have requested the option of asking open ended questions (where respondents can enter free text).  We listened and that functionality is now built in.  You can download the verbatim answers as soon as the survey has been completed or view them as the survey progresses.  

The free text question has two options that allow for both long answers (240 characters) and shorter answers (80 characters).

Please keep the requests coming in and we will add them to the list of developments.