Interesting Findings II

by Admin 9th December 2011 05:26

As promised we are releasing more findings that we hope you will find interesting. We did.

Interested in knowing the support for the anti-capitalist campaigners?  Please click through.

Anti-Capitalist protests

Want to know how many people aspire to work at Apple, Nokia or HTC, Click through and see the results.

Job aspirations - mobile phone companies

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Interesting Findings I

by Admin 11st November 2011 09:57

During Beta testing we have launched literally 100’s of test surveys, collecting 100,000’s of responses on a wide variety of topics.  The results have surprised, amused and interested us.  Rather than keep them to ourselves we decided to release some results every week for you interest.  So feel free to delve into any of the surveys that interest you below, use them as you see fit, but please remember to quote the source -  

And remember, if you don't see any results that whet your appetite, check back in a month, we will be releasing more.

Online Banking Concerns

Increase in UK speed limit

Usurv is in Beta

by Admin 1st November 2011 09:28

We are pleased to announced that Usurv is in Beta testing, so if you are interested and want to help us test Usurv in exchange for some free credits, please join us at

Catching the deadline

by Admin 28th October 2011 06:40

Picture this, it is 5:30pm your editor is waiting for your copy and you are not happy your article on succession changes is going to stand up, you need something more.  It needs some flesh, something that will make it stand out.  The copy deadline is 6:30pm.  Simple…ask the people; do you support the changes?  Do you think succession should have stayed as it was?  Or do you think we shouldn’t have a monarchy at all?  Twenty-four minutes later you have your answer 59%, 23% and 18% respectively.

Need further flesh?  Gender differences make an interesting angle.












Usurv interviewed 200 respondents on 28th October 2011

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Free Schools

by Admin 22nd September 2011 06:20

The new school term has started and for children going to one of the Conservative Government's new Free Schools this has probably been greeted with enthusiasm excitement and maybe a little trepidation.  



The Free School programme was a flagship policy for the Conservative party and championed by Michael Gove in the lead up to the general election – promising interested parent groups, charities and local groups the opportunity to set up their own publicly funded schools free from local authority control.

So what do parents in general think of these new schools?  Are they greeted with the enthusiasm that presumambly abounds amongst parents whose children started the new term in one of them?

We asked parents what they thought of Free Schools.  Half of the parents felt unable to comment as they did not know enough aboutwhat a Free School was to decide.  Of the remainder slightly more parents did not agree that Free Schools were a good thing.

Time, and ultimately performance will tell whether the change has been a positive one amongst parents.

Check back here at the end of term to see if parent opinion has changed.


Usurv interviewed 200 respondents on 20th September 2011

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