Interesting Findings

by Guy Potter 27th March 2015 10:05

Periodically we publish findings from surveys that we have completed on behalf of ourselves or on behalf of clients.  Subject to the necessary permissions we share them with our readers.  Full results to a number of surveys conducted on behalf of the PA are published below:


Clarkson's replacement

Cameron's replacement

Champion's League

EU Referendum Vote

Jeremy Clarkson

Nato / Aid

Under 30's voting issues

Soccer Videos



Keeping your receipts

Valentine Day's Survey

Greatest Sportsperson

Greatest Player in the Premier League

Three Parent Baby


Online Reporting

by Guy Potter 26th February 2015 09:34

Usurv has been used for a variety of purposes to gather data for numerous reasons.  Below are some recent instances where Usurv has been used for:



Public Votes


In all cases respondents were sampled to reflect the UK population in terms of gender and region.  Results were also supplied with age and income data and instantly available via our online reporting dashboard.


by Guy Potter 6th June 2013 10:55

Whilst developing Usurv we have always been on the look out for other uses of our technological approach.

Our discussions with various hotels / cafes and venues has led to the development of TapBak.  TapBak enables venue owners to collect realtime feedback from guests whilst they are still at a venue.  It links the physical and the virtual through encouraging guests to leave ratings or feedback, either by scanning QR Codes, tapping an NFC chip or by integrating with a venue's wifi system.

Tapbak has been used by cafe owners / hotels and venues to gather real time feedback; feedback that can be acted upon and prevent a review on Trip Advisor.  For more information please visit Tapbak.