Managing a Crisis

by Admin 11st February 2016 06:56

PR Agency One is an award winning PR agency, working for a range of clients each with very differing needs.  "Understanding the importance of managing a crisis is crucial for our agency".  Head James Crawford knows the importance of managing a crisis on behalf of clients.  "In today's 24 hour news and social media driven world speed is of the essence".

"When we looked for a research firm to conduct research to support our clients,  we didn’t want one that ran to a fixed schedule at specific times and took days to report back the findings.   Usurv has been incredibly flexible, always on and has enabled our agency to run surveys amongst different respondent groups, with different sample sizes and get back findings at any time and on any day of the week”.

During a crisis it is crucial to get consumer feedback regularly on an issue when it arises in as near to real time as possible.  Social Media helps with listening in to conversations, but sometimes questions are needed to supplement what is heard during these conversations.  Surveys can be set up in minutes with results rolling in almost immediately on Usurv and findings from projects are available instantly online via your own client dashboard with all the tools built in for sophisticated analysis.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, around half (49%) of the nation think they’ll be worse off after the 2013 Budget. But a third still believes no single party on their own could do better than the coalition according to Usurv’s snap poll conducted hours after the Chancellor’s Budget speech yesterday.

In fact just 14% believe the Tories could manage the economy better on their own and even fewer (4%) support the LibDems governing alone.  This is well behind the numbers who think UKIP (22%) or Labour (27%) would do a better job acting on their own.

The general mood of the results (which you can see here) is of gloomy resignation. Even the penny off a pint of beer cheered only a few people  - with less than a third agreeing it was a good idea.

Inevitably people look for a scapegoat when things are bad.  But we’re being quite fair with George Osborne with 40% saying he’s performing as well as possible under the circumstances.

Some people still begrudge those top income earners though.  When they were questioned about who would benefit most from the Budget nearly a quarter (24%) pointed to higher rate taxpayers – perhaps as a result of the previously announced reduction in the top rate of tax from 50 per cent to 45 per cent.  Though 10% of those earning over £40,000 per year believe it’s the unemployed who gain most.

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