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Usurv delivers cost effective, real time results.

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The fastest completion rates of any UK survey company

We reach out to 4 million UK consumer per month, and this gives us incredible completion rates. Most surveys are completed within hours.

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A representative sample and the tools you need

Usurv offers a great research toolkit, including multiple question types, open questions, survey routing, and demographic targeting.

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Demographics are included in your online report

Demographics are included in all results (gender, age and income), with a location breakdown included in all surveys above 300 respondents.

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Take a closer look at our prices here

If you’d like pricing information before signing up, just use the pricing calculator below to find out what a survey will cost.

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How Usurv works

See the ease and speed of Usurv in 60 seconds.

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Usurv is strongly committed to data quality
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Quota Sampling

We have a flexible sampling approach that allows users to choose the profile of respondents they require, ranging from fully weighted and representative of the last census statistics to targeted at particular demographics.

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Dynamic Sampling

We have developed a unique dynamic sampling system that recognises respondents’ profiles and only samples those who qualify for each project in the proportion they are needed.

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Constant Profiling

Constant profiling allows clients to target respondents or analyse results against a bank of different profiling criteria. Helping clients to further understand niche groups.

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Continuous Cleansing

Respondents undergo continual stress tests to ensure that they answer accurately and are prevented from taking part in subsequent surveys if their answers are deemed to be sub-standard.

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