Waiting for a bus

by Admin 23rd April 2012 14:55


Ever waited for a bus only to have three come along?  Or perhaps worse still only to find it was full.  Not a great feeling.  It’s bad enough when you are on the side of the road, but when you are waiting for important business information and paying good money it really is a bit galling.

One characteristic of Omnibus research is that they run to a schedule; usually something like questions by Thursday / programming Friday / Fieldwork over the weekend and data tables on Monday.  Not that much help if you have a question on a Tuesday and need results as soon as possible.  This lack of flexibility extends beyond timing to sample size, usually it is necessary to ask a 1,000 respondents, data provision – almost always data tables and respondent selection, there are no targeting options, e.g. if your question is only relevant to females.

Usurv offers a complete Omnibus re-think.  We don’t run to a schedule, we are always ready to leave.  You are guaranteed to be the only person on the bus and your question won’t be number 24 in a survey.  You can ask as many or as few people as you like (and only females if that is what is relevant to you) and your results are provided online instantly fieldwork is finished (usually within an hour) and can be interrogated using our online reporting software.

Think a journey in a taxi, but for the cost of a bus ticket.