Images II

by Admin 8th October 2012 08:58


Being able to use images opens up a vast array of possibilities when it comes to the different types of surveys you can run through Usurv. Here are just a few examples of different ways we have come up with to use Usurv to save you both money and valuable time.


Are you thinking of changing your logo and need some quick feedback of which appeals most to the UK consumer? Twitter recently changed its logo so we asked 100 people which of their logo’s they liked most.  The survey, which took just 22 minutes to complete found that only 33% preferred the new logo with 35% actually preferring an older version. It would cost just £20 to run this survey and could save valuable £’s in rebranding costs further down the line.

Full results can be seen here.

Open Ended Questions

Do you need more detailed feedback on a new product or logo? We asked another 100 people what words they associated with the image of Victoria sponges and this time left it as an open ended answer with a text box for them to fill in, rather than picking from pre-selected words. 26% chose the word ‘yum’ or ‘yummy’, with 8% choosing ‘fat’ or ‘fattening’. Interestingly only 12% chose one of the words we had selected in our closed answered survey with the same image. Using an open ended question gives a much more varied and detailed set of answers as the respondent has the ability to write up to 240 characters.

These are just a couple of examples of the now abundant possibilities using images in Usurv surveys. We look forward to seeing some other examples in action now the upgrade if live.

Multi choice Questions

Using a multi-choice question means that respondents can choose which word they associate with an image.

100 respondents were shown the same image, but this time given a list of words to choose from.

With the success of the Great British Bakeoff it seems no surprise that 49% of the respondents thought that delicious best described the image.

The full results of the survey can be seen here.


Images I

by Admin 5th October 2012 12:26


Users have been requesting that we incorporate the use of pictures into questions and answers when creating surveys and over the weekend we have updated to make this possible.

The picture question and answer modes can be easily selected in the options dropdown menu when creating the survey. As they say, ‘A picture says a thousand words’ and with the choice of open ended answers, respondents can provide – well maybe not 1,000 – but a few words they associate with the image in a question.


We have also incorporated a preview option, which enables you to see how the survey questions will appear to respondents when it is embedded on our partner sites. 



In light of our recent webinar on Newsjacking, we conducted a survey , using picture answers to see how many people could correctly identify the South Korea flag after the Olympic mix up blunder and Specsavers quick reaction with their print ad campaign.

We asked 100 respondents which flag was the South Korean flag and gave them two picture answers of the North and South Korean flags.

25% of people incorrectly chose the North Korean flag as the South Korean flag.