Right of Light

by Admin 20th February 2013 11:52

The right of life debate has been dormant for 400 almost years,  until Marcus Heaney invoked his right of light over a developer in Leeds. His success has prompted a rethink of the ancient law that may just result in parliament alterting the law in favour of developers.


Given that most people will not have heard of the law what kind of impact would this make.  None assuming that the law gets passed quietly and slips through on the 1st ammendment.  However, due to the power of the internet, social media and the ease at which information spreads its silent passage is unlikely.


Usurv ask 1000 people for their views.  Of the home owners interviewed there is almost unanimous agreement, 96% would resort to the law if they had to and a further 88% would be against the repeal of the law.  In seems the right of light is a fundamental right in much the same way as the right to air.


Full results available here.

Quick Surveys

by Admin 15th February 2013 07:21


Twitter, Google, Facebook – none would survive outside the realm of real time.  Waiting minutes / hours or days for a Facebook status to be updated, unthinkable! News via Twitter, three days old untenable!  Market research taking days, the norm. 

The pace of market research must quicken, business decision making has, so surveys must too.  With Usurv’s quick surveys it is possible to watch results as they come in.  Quick means real time, not days hours or minutes later, but right there as you watch.

Days used to be the norm - real time is here to stay.


Omnibus Surveys

by Admin 15th February 2013 07:20


Ever run an omnibus survey? Just have a couple of questions?  In all likelihood if you have you have had to wait for the bus, been told what sample size to run and when to run it.

Usurv is omnibus with flex.  You decide when to run a survey, how many people to ask, who to ask and you get to see results instantly, all analysable online.  What’s more you can be assured that yours is the only question being asked and an extremely cost effective price.  Usurv brings new meaning to the word flexibus.

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UK EU Referendum poll

by Admin 7th February 2013 07:30

Target the younger voters

David Cameron’s announcement of a promise for an EU referendum caused a stir in the media and a short lived fillip to many Conservative MP’s.

Numerous polls have been conducted in the last couple of weeks. They all show a similar picture. The majority will vote “out” if there was a referendum tomorrow.

Usurv’s poll shows 44% would vote to leave the EU. 18% would vote to stay and the remainder (39%) are undecided. With almost 40% of the electorate still undecided there is still a chance to push the vote either way. Converting the undecided vote will be crucial to winning the EU referendum when it comes and this means targeting the younger voters.


Full results are available here:

Which Coffee Shop is most trusted?

by Admin 5th February 2013 03:54

Trust is fundamental to all our relationships from those we have with other people, to those we have with brands. When we trust something or someone we are more likely to discuss it, both face to face, online and in social media.  We are more likely to remain loyal to brands we trust and more likely to recommend them.  All the communications efforts in the world are likely to go awry if trust is eroded.

In this first post on trust we looked at Coffee Shops in the UK.  Costa Coffee was easily the most trusted coffee chain in absolute terms and when compared to its market share. Given the strength of trust it garners it is also the most likely to be recommended.

The recent tax issues that Starbucks found itself embroiled in have clearly had a detrimental effect on trust of the brand to the extent that trust is disproportionately low when compared to market share. This has effected peoples' decisions of where to have their latte.

Interestingly, Coffee Shop brands resonate strongest with young people, with trust decreasing with age.


Full results are available here.