How Usurv real-time data complements social media research

by Admin 18th July 2013 06:43

Real-time consumer insight company, SpectrumInsight, conducts daily analysis of consumers’ social media conversations to help brands understand and track how they are viewed by the public and how perceptions change on a day to day basis.

The company has been conducting real time consumer surveys through Usurv to complement its social media analysis, with the survey findings incorporated into daily reports for brands in a wide variety of market sectors.

By analysing the spontaneous words and phrases used in daily social media dialogue, SpectrumInsight ensures that findings are focused on the consumer agenda while minimising the cognitive bias created when people answer traditional market research questions.  In Usurv the company found a fast, cost-effective tool that reflects these requirements in consumer surveys.  

“Usurv is the closest you can get to unbiased insight from consumer surveys because they are very quick to complete and effectively spontaneous,” explains SpectrumInsight founder and director, Mark Westaby.

“They are very cost-effective and can be turned round in hours, so we can respond immediately when a client needs data on issues that can arise without warning.  We are also reassured by the fact that Usurv is an accredited company partner of the Market Research Society.”